My family recently got a cat. At first we didn’t know what to call him. His previous name was baby, but we didn’t like that very much. It was my dad who suggested we name him Maxwell. We adopted the name and he was then known as Maxwell(Max). I was grounded at the time, so he’s still getting used to me. He took an instant liking to my dad. He wasn’t sure about mom at first, but he loves her now.When my bro, J, is not going crazy Max will approach him. He will claw at the food bag even if he has food! We rarely see him out of my parent’s room unless it’s for food. He is still a little shy, but he is getting used to his new life slowly and he brings life into the family.

Torchlight II

I’m a little sleepy today, so if I make a mistake in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, I’m sorry.

There is this game my family plays called Torchlight II. I normally borrow my mom or brothers account because I don’t have one. Torchlight II came out in September 20, 2012. Thought a Mac OS release is planed, so far it’s only out for Windows. This game is great for you if you love  Titan Quest, Sacred, and Diablo I, II, and III. Like all of these games, Torchlight has a  single player setting, a multi-player setting, and a LAN setting. I believe Torchlight II is an excellent game for reliving stress through exploding monsters with friends and family.



These are the lyrics for a song I’m writing.It’s not finished yet.

I sat on an abandoned porch

Waiting for friends that will not come

My heart like a burnt out torch

Knowing I’ll never have anyone


Everyone goes away

Leave. Me. Here.

No one ever wants to stay


It doesn’t even seem to matter

Leave. Me. Here.

My heart all torn and battered

As I watched the sun dip below the trees

The shadows start their advance

The freezing winter breeze

Began it’s night time dance

I sat their cold and alone

Lost deep in my own recollections

An eerie tune drifts from my cellphone

But I ignore and not make the connection


Everyone goes away

Leave. Me. Here.

No one ever wants to stay


It doesn’t even seem to matter

Leave. Me. Here.

My heart all torn and battered

I just feel unwanted

I’m all alone

I am always taunted

Though it’s never shown


Everyone goes away

Leave. Me. Here.

No one ever wants to stay


It doesn’t even seem to matter

Leave. Me. Here.

My heart all torn and battered


It doesn’t even seem to matter

Leave. Me. Here.

My heart all torn and battered


Everyone goes away

Leave. Me. Here.

No one ever wants to stay


Chapter 2


   As I turned onto my street, my house came into view. At first glance, it looks just like the other houses on the street: Plain. Strict. Orderly. Like it housed a typical, tight-laced family.


    If you looked closer, you notice the details set us apart. Our garden grows strictly strawberries. And you thought your mom was crazy! My sister, Vivian, used to have lab in our living room, but recently she was kicked out because she blew up her science fair project, turning everything, including the built-in curtains, black. Now she has her lab in the garage.


    Vivian prefers to do little experiments that help save energy or make our house look better over classes or clubs. Currently, she is working on homemade solar shingles. When she announced that at dinner, I thought she was crazy. Shara, on the other hand, supported her all out.


    Shara is my other sister. She is the only one in the house who dose not care how something works. She preferred to do photography. She has a shed in the front yard to store her photography collection. She has even won prizes for her photos. She keeps them in her room along with her trophies and ribbons.


    My family has a giant tree on the left side, the side opposite of my sister’s shed, where I built a tree-house to keep my neurology studies. I have a miniature library up there. Lilly thinks I am insane. I guess everyone needs a healthy dose of insanity every now and then.


    The three of us, Vivian, Shara, and I, are adopted triplets. No one can tell us apart. Not even ourselves… If you could catch me without a book, Shara without her camera, and Vivian without a box of small projects. We live a happy life with our parents. My mom works as a psychologist and my dad is an engineer.


    As I was walking home, Shara ran up from behind me. I could tell it was her because her camera bag was on her shoulder. Plus, as I said, Vivian dislikes clubs and was most likely home brewing up another mad science project.


    “Hi, Eres.” She called.


    “Hey, Shara. Just got back from photography?”




    Just then mom’s car came around the corner and drove to the house.


    “Race you there!” Shara shouted, already running off.


    “Oh no you don’t!” I said, charging after her.


    In the end I won with a three inch lead.


    By the time we got there, mom was getting out of her car.


    “Hi, mom.” I said.


    “Welcome home!” Shara said.


    The garage door flew open and Vivian announced “27 down. 473 to go!”


    “Yes, yes, girls. I love you ,too. Now Vivian, strawberries Shara, Joseph.” Her dog. “Eres,Vishalakshi.” My cat.


    We leave to do our designated chores.


    As I walk through the house, I once again admire it’s smooth hardwood floors, beautiful furnishing, and calm environment. The living room normally has a peaceful air about it. A great blend of beige walls, chocolate furniture, and caramel floors. Currently, the interior of the room still had the echoes of Vivian’s experiment.


    The kitchen was on the far side of the living room. The kitchen had a more lively feel. It kept the living room’s beige walls and adopted a deep, festive red boarder. The counters were black with white flecks. The cabinets were dark coffee wood. The kitchen’s back wall, between the sink and the fridge, were a pair of sliding stained glass doors. On the unmoving door was a picture of two wolves sleeping in a cave. The moving door had an image of a large, overly fluffy cat pouncing on a squirrel.


    I walked over to our sink and opened the cabinet under it. I grabbed the cat food and said “ Here, Vishalakshi. Dinner!”


    Odd. I thought to myself. Vishalakshi never misses a meal.


    “ Vishalakshi!” I said again.


    Then I heard a hiss. Vishalakshi, my beautiful, molted gray she-cat was on top of the refrigerator hissing like the devil was after her.


    “ It’s okay, Vishalakshi. The dog isn’t here.” I said softly.


    She hissed again. I tried to take her down so she could eat, but she clawed my hand, drawing little beads of blood.


    “Vishalakshi! Enough of this! Come down here and eat!” I demanded.


    Vishalakshi just stayed there, hissing, ready to strike.


    After five minutes, yelling at the cat, and three scratches, I gave up and set the food down for her to eat when she was ready and went to help Vivian with the strawberries. Shara was already there.


    “What is with Vishalakish today?” I said.


    “ I have no idea.” Shara said.


    “ Neither do I.” Vivian said.


    We all contemplated why Vishalakish was like this, but came up with a blank. Our contemplation turned into awkward silence.


    Then our mom walked up to us. “What are all the long faces for?”


    “Oh, it’s just-” I started.

   “We’re all worrying about our upcoming test.” Vivian said.

   “That’s not-” Shara tried to say.


   “The test is on Zimbabwe.” Vivian said sending her eyes to the skies.


   “Hmmmmm… Don’t know it.” Mom said.


   “ It’s a small country in Africa, but-” I said.


   “Well, I don’t see why they make you learn about the most discreet countries.” Mom said, grabbing the hose from Vivian. “Now, you three, you have a test to study for.”


    “Yes mom.” Shara said and we walked to our computer room.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~                  ~                   ~



    An hour later, after studying for our test, – Yes, it dose exist, and yes, it is on Zimbabwe – I finally asked Vivian “Why didn’t we just tell her that Vishalakish was acting strange?”


    “Ummmm… Well…” Vivian stuttered “If we tell mom, she might send her to the vet. You know how Vishalakish gets…”


    “Yah…” I said with the faintest note of suspicion. “I guess your right.” And I let it go.


    I then gathered my notes and went to my room. The hallway kept the beige.


    My room was way different from the rest of the house. My house was all so tidy it drives me nuts. My bedroom is my little, messy safe haven. It always looks like a hurricane hit it. I have a desk full of papers. My walls are the same, covered in songs, posters, drawings, and past assignments. My bed has stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets strewn across it. My closet had clothes folded on bottom. My nicer dresses hung on the rod. My floor was the only thing not dirty.


    I dump my notes next to my backpack and flop onto my bed. I still didn’t understand Vivian’s reason for lying to mom. It was Joseph who hated the vet, not Vishalashi.


    I thought hard about this, but eventually my thoughts wandered to other subjects. About a minute later, Shara walked in.


    “Your thinking about him again.” She said sitting down on the edge of my bed.


    “What makes you think that?” I ask trying to look calm, but I could tell I was beat red.


    “You have that expression you use when you think about Chase.”


    “And if I am thinking about him?” I said.


    “Nothing. But you might want to come with me. That is, if you want to eat dinner.” Shara said.


    “I’ll be there in a minute. Go eat.” I told her.


    “Alright. If your not there in five minutes, I can’t grantee dinner. You know how I eat.” Shara said, standing up.


    “ ‘Kay.” I said as she closed my door.


    I sat there for a few minutes, watching the sunset. Then I got up and went to eat.


I wrought and sang this song at my school talent show. I thought I might Share it with you.



By Sera Darby


Why have you been so cold?

How many lies have you told?

How many times have you held the truth behind the warmth of your smile?


What is your greatest regret?

What do you wish  to  forget?

What do you wish you could just rewind and do again?


I don’t know why you shunned me.

I don’t know why you lied to me.

I don’t know what secrets you hided from me.

I don’t know why you ran away from me.


I just wanted to be your friend.

At least until the end.

I just know I loved you.

Until you turned away, too.


It didn’t seem fair.

My heart had a tear.

I just wanted to break down crying.

I felt like I was dieing


It hurt so bad.

I didn’t see why you were so mad.

It felt like the world was on my shoulders.

It seemed like I was being crushed by boulders.


I don’t know why you shunned me.

I don’t know why you lied to me.

I don’t know what secrets you hided from me.

I don’t know why you ran away from me.


I just wanted to be your friend.

At least until the end.

I just know I loved you.

Until you turned away, too.


Why, why, why? What did I ever do wrong?

Why, why, why? Why is your hate so strong?

Why, why, why? Why can’t we just be friends?

Why, why, why? Is this how it ends?


I don’t know why you shunned me.

I don’t know why you lied to me.

I don’t know what secrets you hided from me.

I don’t know why you ran away from me.


I just wanted to be your friend.

At least until the end.

I just know I loved you.

Until you turned away, too.


I just knew I loved you.

Until you turned away, too.


I am sorry I couldn’t show you a video as well.  We haven’t gotten it off of our camera.

Chapter 1


    Eres, a seventh grader… a.k.a. “me”, walked down the school hallway. She had an armload of books and a backpack-full of papers. She had just gone through seven classes plus lunch duty. On top of that all, she had before school choir practice. Now just one thing left to do: My after school future scientists girls club.

    Aside from how tired I was, I was doing great. I had few friends, but they were all loyal. My teachers were strict, but kind. She even has good grades. My good grades made mom and dad happy, which meant I had more freedom.

    It was also beautiful out side. A scorching day with a few wisps of clouds. Despite the mid-August heat, there was a the slightest chill of winter in the air. The trees outside still had a lot of vibrant green, but they also had a mix of fiery crimsons, soft golds, vibrant oranges, and rich browns.

    As a student walked out a near by door, I caught a whiff of a nearby family’s barbeque strong enough to make my mouth water. Oh, how much I wanted to go home, have some of my dads sweet and spicy barbeque, and then cuddle up with my cat on my soft bed, but mom wasn’t home. Besides, I had promised Lilly that I would go with her. I can’t break a promises to my best friend.

    I turned and raced up the stairs to the top floor. Stone walls and metallic railing zoom past. As I reached the top, I take off running at full speed. Zigzag carpet blurs underneath me. I turn left, narrowly missing the wall. I ran down the hall most of the way and stopped in front of room 191.

    I walked in quietly gasping for air. Lilly was already there. She turned and waved me to a seat on her left. As I sat down, I looked around. I never knew there were so many science nuts. I also noticed that the teacher’s name was Mrs. Zurlo. Her name sounds Mediterranean. Italian maybe?

    Then I noticed what we were doing. Dissecting frogs. I’ll have to remember to kill Lilly later. She knows I hate dissecting anything! True, I did not ask, but still! Besides, I want to be a neurologist, not a biologist!

    Then Mrs. Zurlo stood up and said, “Grab your materials and frogs. We are not going to gross each other out. We are not going to run around like crazy maniacs. And we are most certainly not going to leave the classroom without permission. You may talk quietly to your partner. You may not talk to other kids who are out of your partnership. As soon as you have materials, you may start.”

    There was a sudden burst of noise as kids got up from their seats and went to find partners. I was about to turn to ask Lilly to be my partner, but a timid voice to my left startled me.

    “Will you be my lab partner?” A timid voice asked.

     I turned around and saw a sixth grade girl. I recognized her as one of the under-sized bullied girls. Turning to look at Lilly, I noticed she seems quite popular in Nerdom… Half of the class is going out of their way to try to be her partner!

    She turned to the girl and said “Sure.”

    The girls name was Ruriko. I learned from her that her name was Japanese for “ Lapis Lazuli Child.” She wanted to be an Ethologist . She has always been interested in animals, but she wants to help them. She is hoping to find cures for some of the behavioral disorders animals have.

    After telling her a little about myself, we decided we better not put this off. I took the scissors and cut open the frog’s belly. I spent the next hour struggling to take the frog’s organs out without damaging them. During all this, Ruriko was classifying the organs. By the time we were finished, I was sitting in awe at the fact that my lunch was still in my stomach.

    Then Lilly turned to me.

    “So? What did you think?”

    “What did I think?!” I exploded “You could have warned me that we were dissecting frogs! You of all people know that I hate taking apart dead frogs!”

    “Shhhhh.” Lilly mumbled “Mrs. Zurlo hates shouting.”

    “Fine.” I growled through gritted teeth.

    As Lilly had said, Mrs. Zurlo hates shouting, for at that moment she came over and said, “ I am not sure how your teachers prefer your voice level, but in my class, we do not shout.”

    “I am sorry, Mrs. Zurlo.” I said as I hung my head in shame.

    “Good. Now, Lilly, make sure your friend dose not make that mistake again.” And with that, she walked off to help a girl put away her supplies.

    “That’s Mrs. Zurlo for you.” Lilly said with a “I-told-you-so” half-simle.

    “Awww, be quiet.” I said as I shoved her playfully.

    Then I remembered Ruriko. I turned to face her and said “Thanks for being my partner. I had as much fun as I could have had while dissecting frogs.” I extended my hand to her “Friends?”

    She stared at me, a glazed expression on her face, a mixture of shock and… horror?

    “What’s wrong?” I asked, lowering my hand.

    “Wha?… Oh. No it’s nothing.” Ruriko stumbled “ it’s just that no one has ever wanted to be my friend.”

    “Is that a yes?” I inquired playfully.

    “No. That wasn’t me saying yes. That was me explaining the expression on my face.” Ruriko said, and then hastily said, “ But I would like to be your friend.”

    Lilly tapped me on my sholder. “Would you like to introduce me to your new friend?”

    “Oh! Sorry Lilly.” I said “This is Ruriko. She was my partner during the horrible frog-chopping-up project.”

    “It was not horrible!” Lilly said, coating her voice with false offense.

    “Easy for you to say, Miss. Wanabe-Jr.-Biologist!” I teased.

    “At least I am not a brain-eater, Madam Admature Neurologist!” She mocked in response.

    “Yah right.” I said as I checked my watch. “Oh! Sorry Lilly! I have to go home. Mom is expecting me home soon.”

    “Okay, Zombie. See you later!” Lilly said.

    “Right back at you, animal!” I fired back and then turned to Ruriko “Maybe you could join us at the old park.”

    “Oh. Ummmm… Sure! I would have to verify that with my dad, but…” Ruriko said.

    “All right. Meet you two later.” I said.

    And with that, I ran out the door, going home.


I don’t know what to call it.



   I watched the girl in front of me running to a nearby clearing. My instincts say “Prey.” Pitiful human. Running as fast as she can… but not fast enough. I fought with my instincts, but my hunger is not easily suppressed.

   I launched myself at her and tore off a part of her skirt. I left a deep gash in her leg. Her screams were pleasing to my ear. The thought sickened me. I pushed for control over my body. I did a strange combination of a hiss and a yell. I lost again.

   I turned to face the girl. I raised my hand and brought it down on her face. I felt her cheek give away under my razor sharp claws. She let out another scream. At that moment, something in me snapped. I focused all my energy on controlling myself. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I raised my hand away from her face.

   Then, I was to weak to do anything more. My feral instincts took over and slashed her aside. I watched helplessly as I advanced. I watched the girl cringe. I could smell her fear. Then I felt a small jab of pain in my back.

   I turned around with a hiss. About ten yards away, There was a boy with a bow and a quiver full of… silver arrows? My feral side saw more prey. I saw the one who was here to kill me.

Die, beast.” He said coldly as he notched another arrow.

   Before he let go of the arrow, the silver had taken affect. I was on the ground gasping for air and slipping away into insanity.

   Now as I lay coughing up blood, I wonder what I could    have done differently. Nothing. This was how I was born. There is nothing I could have done.

   I watch the dark moon-lightless field crumble around me. I watched the girl struggle for breath. I cried. If there was anything I could have done differently, I would have done it.

   The boy walked up to me.

Kill me.” I begged.

   He did not answer. Instead, he pulled a dagger out of his belt.

   I closed my eyes. I lay next to deaths black, bone doors.

   And the I felt the dagger slip through my ribs…


Chinese Zodiac: The Cat and the Rat

The story of the Cat and the Rat’s rivalry is very popular. There are multiple versions. The one I will tell you I watched on an anime called Fruits Basket.

A long time ago, the Cat and the Rat were good friends and neighbors. The Jade Emperor had told all the animals that he was holding a banquet the next day. The Rat told the Cat that the banquet was the day after next. The next day, the Rat rode up on the back of the Ox. When the Ox arrived at the banquet first, the Rat jumped off the Ox and was declared the first in the Chinese Zodiac system. Meanwhile, the Cat was at home thinking tomorrow was the banquet. When he discovered the Rats trickery, he swore to always hate the Rat and cats still hunt the Rat today.

For other versions of the story of the Cat and the Rat, try these other sights:

Jewish Persecution

Seraphine Hope Darby

Three Paragraph Essay on Jewish Persecution



There are many ways that the Jewish people have been persecuted for more than two thousand years. For example, in the years 1146 and 1147 Rudlof, a French Monk, cruelly killed Jews as practice on the Second Crusade, while in 1320, the French Shepherd Crusade, shepherds destroyed one hundred twenty Jewish communities. The Jews of Spain 631 that refused to be Baptized had to leave the country. In Spain had Unbaptized Jews sent away again in 1492. Jews were also thought to have been poisoning wells in 1321, so five thousand Jews were burned. A large amount of Europe blamed the Jewish people causing the Black Plague. This caused Strasburg to burn two thousand Jews, Worms had four hundred Jews burn themselves, and a total of nine thousand Jews were massacred in Maintz and Erfut. In 1298, named Kalbfleish claimed to have received an order from God to kill all Jews, so one hundred Jewish communities were demolished. Also, in 1478, the Spanish Inquisition tortured Jews into confessing that they killed Jesus. Afterwords, they were thrown into a fire. Later, the Inquisition claimed that God told them to. The Jewish community was forced out of Flanders in 1121 and were not aloud return to until they admitted that they killed Jesus. In 1540, Naples banished Jewish families from the country, and ten years later, the same thing happens in Genoa and Venice. In the years 132-135, a false Messiah, Bar Kochba, lead five hundred thousand Jews to death. Thousands of Kochba’s men were sold as slaves. Jews were banished from Porchigal in the year 1497, and many became slaves. Jews were treated so horrid because a handful of Jews said to kill Jesus.

The people that accuse Jews of killing Jesus can not support there beliefs very well. The Gospel of Mathew has a passage that says, “His blood be on us and on our children… Ye are of your father, the Devil.” Many people interpret that as “Jesus is dead, Jews are responsible, they are cursed forever.” Caiaphas is another example. He was the most powerful religious leader in Israle. He and his priests decided that Jesus must die. Many people believe that Caiaphas represents the wishes of all the Jews. Peter was one of the twelve Apostles. When Jesus was arrested, the Romans worried about a riot. Peter denied knowing Jesus because he did not wish to get arrested. Many people think that Peters denial means all Jews rejected Jesus. Barrabas was a thief. The Romans were going to free one criminal on Passover. Jesus and Barrabas were brought out for the people to choose who would be set free. They chose Barrabas. People say that it is the Jews fault for not setting free Jesus right then. All Jews are responsible for Jesus’s death. Jerusalem had many people because of Passover. The Jews in a mob watching Jesus laughed as he was tortured. All of the Jewish people are guilty for mocking Jesus. Some people believe that, but it is only a bunch of baloney.

The evidence that says that Jews killed Jesus is not very stable. The passage in the Gospel of Mathew is interpreted differently by different people. Pope Benadict said that it was not a curse, but a salvation. The part saying, “Ye are of your father, the Devil,” was really Jesus talking to Caiaphas. Caiaphas and his priests were selfish and did not care about the people.All Caiaphas wanted was to keep the power he got from the Romans. With Barrabas and Jesus, there were only a few hundred Jews, and some of the people were Barrabas’s gang, so this is not a very good argument. In Peters case, Peter was afraid to go to jail. Jesus’s mother and many of his followers never deserted him. When it comes to the mob, most people did not even know who Jesus was. All they knew was that there was going to be an execution. There is a lot of injustice, but education can correct almost two thousand years of cruelty.Seraphine Hope Darby