I don’t know what to call it.



   I watched the girl in front of me running to a nearby clearing. My instincts say “Prey.” Pitiful human. Running as fast as she can… but not fast enough. I fought with my instincts, but my hunger is not easily suppressed.

   I launched myself at her and tore off a part of her skirt. I left a deep gash in her leg. Her screams were pleasing to my ear. The thought sickened me. I pushed for control over my body. I did a strange combination of a hiss and a yell. I lost again.

   I turned to face the girl. I raised my hand and brought it down on her face. I felt her cheek give away under my razor sharp claws. She let out another scream. At that moment, something in me snapped. I focused all my energy on controlling myself. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I raised my hand away from her face.

   Then, I was to weak to do anything more. My feral instincts took over and slashed her aside. I watched helplessly as I advanced. I watched the girl cringe. I could smell her fear. Then I felt a small jab of pain in my back.

   I turned around with a hiss. About ten yards away, There was a boy with a bow and a quiver full of… silver arrows? My feral side saw more prey. I saw the one who was here to kill me.

Die, beast.” He said coldly as he notched another arrow.

   Before he let go of the arrow, the silver had taken affect. I was on the ground gasping for air and slipping away into insanity.

   Now as I lay coughing up blood, I wonder what I could    have done differently. Nothing. This was how I was born. There is nothing I could have done.

   I watch the dark moon-lightless field crumble around me. I watched the girl struggle for breath. I cried. If there was anything I could have done differently, I would have done it.

   The boy walked up to me.

Kill me.” I begged.

   He did not answer. Instead, he pulled a dagger out of his belt.

   I closed my eyes. I lay next to deaths black, bone doors.

   And the I felt the dagger slip through my ribs…



I don’t know what to call it. — 1 Comment

  1. I am just starting and would love criticism. This is teen writing, so adults out there will most likely not like this.

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