Jewish Persecution

Seraphine Hope Darby

Three Paragraph Essay on Jewish Persecution



There are many ways that the Jewish people have been persecuted for more than two thousand years. For example, in the years 1146 and 1147 Rudlof, a French Monk, cruelly killed Jews as practice on the Second Crusade, while in 1320, the French Shepherd Crusade, shepherds destroyed one hundred twenty Jewish communities. The Jews of Spain 631 that refused to be Baptized had to leave the country. In Spain had Unbaptized Jews sent away again in 1492. Jews were also thought to have been poisoning wells in 1321, so five thousand Jews were burned. A large amount of Europe blamed the Jewish people causing the Black Plague. This caused Strasburg to burn two thousand Jews, Worms had four hundred Jews burn themselves, and a total of nine thousand Jews were massacred in Maintz and Erfut. In 1298, named Kalbfleish claimed to have received an order from God to kill all Jews, so one hundred Jewish communities were demolished. Also, in 1478, the Spanish Inquisition tortured Jews into confessing that they killed Jesus. Afterwords, they were thrown into a fire. Later, the Inquisition claimed that God told them to. The Jewish community was forced out of Flanders in 1121 and were not aloud return to until they admitted that they killed Jesus. In 1540, Naples banished Jewish families from the country, and ten years later, the same thing happens in Genoa and Venice. In the years 132-135, a false Messiah, Bar Kochba, lead five hundred thousand Jews to death. Thousands of Kochba’s men were sold as slaves. Jews were banished from Porchigal in the year 1497, and many became slaves. Jews were treated so horrid because a handful of Jews said to kill Jesus.

The people that accuse Jews of killing Jesus can not support there beliefs very well. The Gospel of Mathew has a passage that says, “His blood be on us and on our children… Ye are of your father, the Devil.” Many people interpret that as “Jesus is dead, Jews are responsible, they are cursed forever.” Caiaphas is another example. He was the most powerful religious leader in Israle. He and his priests decided that Jesus must die. Many people believe that Caiaphas represents the wishes of all the Jews. Peter was one of the twelve Apostles. When Jesus was arrested, the Romans worried about a riot. Peter denied knowing Jesus because he did not wish to get arrested. Many people think that Peters denial means all Jews rejected Jesus. Barrabas was a thief. The Romans were going to free one criminal on Passover. Jesus and Barrabas were brought out for the people to choose who would be set free. They chose Barrabas. People say that it is the Jews fault for not setting free Jesus right then. All Jews are responsible for Jesus’s death. Jerusalem had many people because of Passover. The Jews in a mob watching Jesus laughed as he was tortured. All of the Jewish people are guilty for mocking Jesus. Some people believe that, but it is only a bunch of baloney.

The evidence that says that Jews killed Jesus is not very stable. The passage in the Gospel of Mathew is interpreted differently by different people. Pope Benadict said that it was not a curse, but a salvation. The part saying, “Ye are of your father, the Devil,” was really Jesus talking to Caiaphas. Caiaphas and his priests were selfish and did not care about the people.All Caiaphas wanted was to keep the power he got from the Romans. With Barrabas and Jesus, there were only a few hundred Jews, and some of the people were Barrabas’s gang, so this is not a very good argument. In Peters case, Peter was afraid to go to jail. Jesus’s mother and many of his followers never deserted him. When it comes to the mob, most people did not even know who Jesus was. All they knew was that there was going to be an execution. There is a lot of injustice, but education can correct almost two thousand years of cruelty.Seraphine Hope Darby

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