On my B-day, I got an Onda VX570 Touch multi media player. It was a big surprise. I thought I was just going to get recorder with music downloaded on it.

When you turn it on, there are four options: Video, Music, E book, and to view more options. If you choose more options, your options are: Photo, FM, Record, Resources, Setting, Light, and Theme.

Photo can not take pictures, but it can hold pictures you download on to the Onda. FM is radio. Record is a recorder. Resources is a way to copy, past, or delete things. Settings tells you how full your Onda is, how much power it has, what language you want it in, whether you want the keytone on or off,how bright you want the screen, to restore default, and a few more things. Light is a shortcut to changing how bright your screen is. Theme gives you three styles for the Ondas home screen. Video can hold videos. E books can hold e books.

The Onda holds 4 gigs and you can get micro SD cards that can hold between 4-64 gigs. The only drawback is that when you first get an Onda, it’s in Chinese!

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